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About Us
'JJN Digital' brought to you by JJN Electronics Ltd

JJN Electronics Limited is a leading UK manufacturer of Professional Counter Surveillance (TSCM) Equipment. We are an innovative dynamic company, with a reputation for designing highly effective detection equipment with a customer focused approach. Our products are designed and built in the UK to the highest specification and are used by countermeasures professionals worldwide. Our clients include government, police, businesses and professional sweep teams.

Company Background

JJN Electronics was formed in 1996 as a manufacturer of specialist electronic surveillance equipment. In its early years the company developed a reputation for producing high specification audio surveillance devices that became widely regarded as the most superior products on the market in terms of sound quality, transmission capability and reliability. These listening devices became standard surveillance equipment for high-level clients such as government agencies, high end business users and security forces. The quest for longer transmission ranges lead us to become pioneers in developing ultra-miniature GSM audio devices with no transmission range limitations.

In 1998, following a customer request, our knowledge and experience of transmission technologies lead us to develop our first Wideband RF Detector (Bug Detector) the PRO5000D. The product was received with great acclaim for its small size, high end performance and simplicity of use. Since then we have tirelessly continued to develop a range of counter surveillance products that give users the power to detect the latest types of devices that come to market. Over the past 15 years with rapidly developing new technologies the challenges faced included detecting conventional VHF/UHF devices, wireless video devices, GSM and then 3G devices, GPS Tracking devices, Frequency hopping devices and SHF (Super High Frequency) devices. More recently the latest detection challenge has been the new 4G cellular network and the latest 'Store and Forward' Wifi/Bluetooth based devices. Our products are also now being in used in environments where mobile phone usage is prohibited, such as boardrooms, prisons, hospitals, exam halls etc. Our high sensitivity detectors allow users to be instantly notified of unauthorised mobile phone activity and to locate the position of the target phone.

In 2013 JJN Electronics Ltd launched a new brand - ‘JJN Digital’. Over the coming months/years we will be developing a range of flagship detection products under the JJN Digital brand offering the highest possible technical specification whilst never forgetting that our products should remain simple and intuitive to use and should not require any formal technical training.

Quality Products with 12 Months Guarantee

All of our products are manufactured in the UK using the highest quality, professional grade components. All assembled circuits are fully tested and calibrated before final assembly. All units are then tested on completion and every device is tested once again before dispatch. In the unlikely event of a manufacturing defect we offer an unconditional guarantee on all products for 12 months. We aim to offer a repair or replacement within 48 hours from receiving it.

Fast Delivery Worldwide

We use Fedex Express for all our international deliveries and UK deliveries. If you are based in the UK or mainland Europe this usually means next-day delivery or a maximum of 48-hours. For the rest of the world deliveries normally take 2 to 5 days. Contact us if you have any questions about delivery.

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