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Listening Devices - The FBI Don't Pay the Price

The FBI rely on the regime of wiretaps and listening devices to ensure national security throughout the United States but a failure to pay their phone bills led to a large number of their listening devices being cut off. The use of spy equipment when it comes to terrorist activity and criminal behaviour is prevalent throughout America law enforcement and the use of listening devices such as wiretaps is one of the most commonplace.

Listening Devices - Their Use Throughout History
The use of listening devices, most notably wiretaps, has a long history predominantly in the United States. The interception of information, although admittedly not in the form of listening devices, can even be traced back to when Abraham Lincoln was power during the American Civil War. Lincoln called for the interception of telegraphs sent between various parties. The actual process of using listening devices or wiretapping didn't actually begin until the 1890's and they have been a number of famous examples of the use of listening since then, including:

Bobby Kennedy - JFK's sibling used a listening device to monitor the activity of Martin Luther King Jr. in 1966.

Pearl Harbour - The American Armed Forces used the process of wiretapping and listening devices to intercept the plans of their enemies.

George W Bush - The US president was involved in a scandal involving wiretaps and listening devices by violating a specific federal statute. It was a counter terrorism measure in response to the 9/11 atrocities.

The use of listening devices and spy equipment in general will continue to rise exponentially as the innovation of designers continues unabated. With new terrorist threats come new pieces of spy equipment, listening devices and surveillance measures to counter it.

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